Parenting Education

We believe that parenting is like anything else in life: the only way to become good at it is through learning and practice. With this in mind, our Parenting Resource Center has a range of classes aimed at teaching essential parenting skills. We have child care that parents can take advantage of while they attend the classes, and the courses themselves focus on topics like proper discipline, parental organization skills, and making good parenting choices.

If you’ve never cared for a child or grown up around children, you might not know what to expect – what’s ‘normal’ in the daily routine of a baby; what the healthy developmental stages are for a baby; how to manage caring for yourself and your baby. Parenting education and skills building will help you learn about these and many other topics. You’ll find out what to expect, how to plan for good days and bad ones, and how to enjoy the important job of being a mom while knowing that you’re doing it well.