Parenting Options

When you think about parenting options, you should imagine ‘raising a child’ and not just ‘having a baby’. Pregnancy is only the first of many steps over many years that come with raising a child. This means you should think about your plans for many years in the future.

Where will you live? How will you support your new family financially? Will a child ‘get in the way’ of your education or career plans? Will your child have a male role model in life? Who is there that you can count on for support? Who will be there for you when the challenges of being a parent leave you tired and stressed?

Being a parent definitely isn’t an easy choice, but for many women it’s the one that feels right to them, and it brings lots of joy into their lives. If you think parenting is the best choice for you and your baby, or even if you’re just curious about whether it would be possible, we’re here to speak to you about it.

We can go over what arrangements you must make for your new family. And, we can tell you all about the resources and services available – through Rosalie Hall Maternity Services as well as other agencies – to make parenting more manageable.