Adoption Options

Choosing adoption is a very difficult decision to make, but some women realize that it is the right one for them and their babies. An important fact to know about adoption is that it has changed a lot recently.

An open-adoption means that choosing adoption doesn’t mean choosing never to see your child again. In an open-adoption, you’ll continue to have a relationship with your child through regular contact with both the child and the adoptive family.

Confidential adoptions – the kind most people think of when they hear the word adoption, in which the birth-mother never sees her baby again – are still possible, but most mothers choose an open-adoption, which lets them decide how much contact they would like to have with the child.

And in every adoption, you get to choose the family that will adopt your child.

If you’re finding it difficult to figure out a plan for raising your child, adoption might be something to consider. We have adoption specialists you can speak with, first about whether your parenting plan is possible, and then about all of the details of adoption, if necessary. Many of the families hoping to adopt have photos and profiles you can look at here.